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Optional Foot Pedals for Waterlogic
June 28, 2021
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Put the pedal to the metal! Our Waterlogic machines now have an optional foot pedal add-on to give employees an option for contactless water dispensing.

How It Works

When you enter into a leasing contract for your Waterlogic machine, you can select the additional option of foot pedals. This cost is a one-time fee. For our WL100 Units, the foot pedals will cost $99.99. For our WL250 units, the foot pedals will cost $109.00.

Why Choose Foot Pedals

Humans are creatures of habit. Think about it. Have you ever gotten into a car and drove almost on autopilot? When we do something over and over, it’s hard to break out of that routine. When you install foot pedals, you are creating a habit. The habit of not touching the machine.

Setup a Consultation

Of course, our Waterlogic machine have more than just foot pedals. They operate bottleless, come in a biocote film to ward off germs and some units even have built-in UV water sanitation. To learn more about these features, make sure to reach out to your Garvey’s Representative.


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