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Make Your Office Print Ready!
May 31, 2021
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Print Ready

If you are among the many offices who are reopening this month or the next, you are probably searching for ways to make your work environment social distanced and safe. One of the biggest culprits of germs are places where your employees congregate, and one place that many don’t think about is the office printer.

Think Before Printing

One of the easiest ways to prevent office workers from gathering around the printer is by encouraging employees to think before they print. Place posters and flyers around the printer and office.

Install Desk Scanners

When you think about it, most employees aren’t even going to the printer to print, but to copy or scan! Consider opting for desk scanners at employee desks.

Redirect Traffic

Do all your printers really need to be in the same room? Instead, spread them throughout the office, designated one as copy, another as black & white and another for color printing. You’ll not only cut down on employees congregating, but also encourage some light exercise throughout the day!


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