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Ew, Don’t Touch That Coffee!
June 15, 2021
nice guys : )

As the pandemic winds down, we all like to think that we are more conscious of germs in the office, but studies show it’s not just washing your hands and sanitizing that keeps us safe. It’s being mindful of the things we touch on a daily basis. The office coffee pot is a notorious place for germs, harboring over 108,592 of them. That’s 34x germs then a school toilet seat!*

But… Coffee!

If you’re anything like the Nice Guys, there’s just no way you are making it through the day without a coffee fix. Desperate times call for new technology, which is how we found the Nescafé Bean-To-Cup coffee machine.

Introducing Nescafé

Using a free Nescafé app that you can download on your phone, the Nescafé Bean-To-Cup coffee machine serves your employees their beverage completely contact-free. Just scan the code on the machine with your app, choose your beverage and the machine will automatically pour.

Go Ahead, Grab that 2nd Cup

As we re-enter the office, installing a Nescafé Bean-To-Cup coffee machine is just one of the many ways we can keep our health (and caffeine intake) up! That’s certainly something to cheers to.


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