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Recycle for a Reason: Garden Center Services
August 9, 2021
nice guys : )
Garden Center Services

We are excited to announce our next Recycle for a Reason recipient as Garden Center Services. It’s a wonderful organization that supports adults with disabilities, focusing on creating connections and meaning for each person under its care.

About Garden Center Services

Garden Center Services was established in 1956 (That's over 65 years ago!) and like many great organizations, it had small beginnings. Originally housed in a garage, they did most of their work out of Reavis High School. But through the love and support of the local community, the organization grew. Today the Garden Center Services manages over 11 resident homes, caring for over 70 adults.

Donation Period: July 1 – September 30

By donating to our Recycle for a Reason program, you will lend a helping hand to this charity. From July 1 – September 30, any items collected will be recycled into cash for Garden Center Services. Acceptable items include flattened cardboard boxes, old electronics and empty toners. Our Nice Guy Drivers can pick these items up as they deliver your office supplies or you can drop them off at our location during open business hours.

Together, We Can Help Our Local Charities

Over the years, we have had great success by recycling for change. While one donation may not generate much, many can make a difference. Make sure to donate today!


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