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Is Your Office Ready for an Emergency?
June 7, 2021
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Safety Month

Remember when Ryan from “The Office” started a fire? If you don’t watch the show, a fire starts when the toaster oven is used improperly then chaos ensues because no one knows what to do. While we don’t expect employees to go around starting fires (seriously, don’t do that), we do think it’s important to make sure your office is prepped for an emergency.

Start by Creating a List

The first step to being emergency-ready is creating a scenario list and breaking down what an employee should do in the unlikely event that an emergency should happen. Common items to prepare for: Fire, flood, power outage, heart attack or physical injury.

Run Practice Drills

Did you ever run a fire drill in school? There’s a reason for that! When you practice something, it helps you keep calm when the situation actually happens. It’s important to randomly run drills to make sure that employees take the proper initiative.

Update your First Aid Kits & Equipment

When’s the last time you opened your First Aid Kits? Every year, you should make sure to update your kits. Medication expires. Battery-operated cardiac units can turn faulty. If you’re not sure if your kit is outdated, consider switching to a First Aid Only Kit. First Aid Only Kits come with smart tabs that let you know when it’s time to reorder supplies!


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