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Keeping Your Company Green
June 21, 2021
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The pandemic has really changed the world, even in the office break room. You may have noticed that things like spoons, forks and knives are being replaced. Companies are opting for disposable solutions to prevent contact and germs. While this is great for our overall health, it’s not so great for the environment's, and it’s important to take a hard look at the footprint your company is leaving.

Plant-Base Disposable Cutlery

Garvey’s has partnered with Eco Products to solve this problem. With Eco-Products, you get a selection of disposable cutlery that are made from plants. This means that when you throw them away, you're not adding to our landfill. This is because Eco Products are biodegradable.

Reducing Over Consumption

But making the switch to plant-base disposable isn't the only solution. It's important to regulate the amount of product we are using. Have you ever walked into a restaurant and seen the cutlery everywhere? Like someone decided to grab handfuls of spoons then reconsidered? While offering disposable options is important to our health, it’s also important to install dispensers to prevent overuse of the products. Eco Products' cutlery dispensers are made to issue forks, spoons and knives one-at-a-time.

Recycle When Possible

Even after changing your utensils and adding dispensers, keep in mind that there's still more that you can do! The number one way to keep your business on the green track is by encouraging recycling. This includes the cardboard boxes your Eco Products arrive in. Make sure to give all your flattened cardboard to your Nice Guys Driver. They will deliver it as a donation to our Recycle for a Reason program, which will help out a local charity in need!


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