Losing the Office Winter Weight
April 15, 2019
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Losing the Office Winter Weight

We get it. We’ve all been in hibernation. As the weather turns into spring, many of us are faced with losing the office winter weight. Luckily, there are a few tricks you can do to help your summer goals.

Keep a Bottle of Water at your Desk

As Carrie Dennett, registered dietitian nutritionist, writes for the Seattle Times: We’ve developed the habit of ignoring our body’s cues. Most of the time, when we feel a headache coming on, we reach for aspirin. We also eat when we aren’t hungry, because we are bored. We do these things without a second thought, without realizing that these are tell-tale signs that we are just thirsty.

Ask for Healthier Snacking Alternatives

Many offices offer free food as office perks but default to non-healthy varieties such as donuts, chips or salt-filled snacks. Ask your employer to stock healthier alternatives. If offering fresh fruit is too expensive or less appealing to your workers, try other healthier alternatives such as JimmyBar that keeps you full for almost 4-hours or SkinnyPop that has half the calories of regular popcorn. Having access to healthier alternatives gives your employees the moment to stop, think and to choose something healthy.

Develop a Buddy System

When push comes to shove, it’s always better to have someone else monitor you to ensure you are keeping on track. Do you lunch with someone regularly? Make it a goal between both of you to eat and live healthier. At Garvey’s Office Products, we do a Biggest Loser Challenge at the start of each year. It encourages healthy competition and keeps our employees on track!


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