Become Greener in Your Office with B2P Pens
October 2019
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Pilot B2P

Pilot’s taking on recycled matter, and in a big way! If you are looking for ways to make your office greener and add less to global waste, you need to be stocking B2P Pens.

What does B2P mean?

B2P stands for bottle to pen. It is a pen made out of recycled water bottles. If you drink water and throw your plastic bottle into a recycling bin, Pilot can actually take that bottle and reclaim the material to make not one, but two B2P Pens.

How much of the B2P Pens are actually of recycled material?

There are a lot of claims that recycled materials make on the web, but many of them only use 20 or 30 percent of recycled material to make the product. With Pilot’s B2P Pens, 89 percent of the pen is made with recycled bottles!

Sold! What else could you want?

Actually, there is more to want! The B2P Pens are also refillable. Just unscrew the cap to refill your B2P with Pilot G2 Refills. No more buying more pens. Keep on using one to make your office and the world a greener place.


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