Stop Fall’s Cold & Flu Season in its Tracks
October 2019
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Flu Season

Everyone loves the pumpkin spiced lattes that come with fall. The flu season? Not so much. If you’re hoping to steer clear of your coworker’s dreaded cold, here are three items your office can stock to keep germs at bay.

Remove Contact Germs

The number one reason why you are getting sick is because you touched something that hasn’t been cleaned properly. If you think about it, there are a lot of shared spaces in the office that could use some sanitization, including door handles, light switches or that report that someone left on your desk. Minimize contact germs by keeping hand sanitizing wipes at your desk.

Remove Tabletop Germs

Although you may have a cleaning crew wiping down your desk every day, many cleaners avoid surfaces that come in contact with food. This is because chemicals that they clean with are unsafe for food surfaces. With Purell Professional Surface Disinfectant, you can clean without worry. It’s safe, even without rinsing.

Encourage Hand Cleansing

Many employees just stick with sanitizers to clean their hands, but nothing compares to a good old handwash. One of the reasons why your employees are not washing their hands thoroughly is because the soap that they are using is irritating their skin. With Purell’s Healthy Soap, they can wash their hands while moisturizing.


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