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The Benefits of BIC Extra-Value Packs
October 2019
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The Benefits of BIC Extra-Value Packs

BIC’s main motto has always been to make a good product and to make it affordable. The company has strived to maintain this motto in every category of product it makes. Its newest line of Extra-Value Packs is no exception, and here’s why your company should look into purchasing these packs.

The Product Comes in Bulk

The first benefit of a BIC Extra-Value Pack is that the product comes in bulk. Because you are buying such a large quantity at one time, you are able to get each individual pen, marker or dry-erase marker at a price you won’t be able to find elsewhere.

The Product Comes without Packaging

If your company has a green initiative, BIC’s Extra-Value Packs will align perfectly with your business’ mission. Each Value-Pack comes loose; so, none of the materials are in wasteful plastic packaging.

The Product is Still Quality

Unlike other companies that manufacture separate items for their value packs, with a BIC Extra-Value Pack, you are still getting the product you know and love – with no alterations. The BIC Marker will still perform as usual, even when left uncapped for a week!


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