Office Supplies To Take On Vacation
June 20, 2019
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Office Supplies To Take On Vacation

As June ends and we head towards July, many of us will cash in our vacation time. If you are traveling, here are some items you might want to grab from the office supply closet.

Portable Battery Charger

Do not be that person that is constantly looking for a charger in an airport. While we are lucky in Chicago to have charger stations, not all airports will give you that benefit!


It’s always good to have a little TLC when you need it. Noise canceling headphones will help you find some peace and quiet. Just make sure to have a portable battery charger, in the event that you are listening to a podcast or movie that drains power.

Hand Sanitizer

Possibly one of the worst things that can happen while on vacation is getting sick. Be conscious of what you are touching as you travel. Keep a bottle of hand sanitizer in your bag.


Of course, if you do get sick, it’s always a good idea to have a pouch of tissues!


We know what you are thinking: Airport security will trash any snacks. This is a common misnomer! According to TSA guidelines, as long as it’s wrapped and a non-liquid, you’ll be able to keep it with you. Keep in mind that foods that are spreadable, such as peanut butter, are considered liquids.


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