Creating an Office Think Room
December 9, 2019
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Creating an Office Think Room

While the holidays are full of laughter and cheer, sometimes a little peace and quiet is needed to get a job done and done right. If your office is one of the many that has an open office scheme, consider creating a “think room” or “quiet room" for employee use.

First, find the room

Ideally, a think room should have its own door. It should be separated from the rest of the office to give employees reprieve from their usual surroundings and help them think outside the box. However, if you don’t have a spare room, consider blocking off a space with cubicle walls. Each wall should include frosted partitions for added privacy.

Second, create a system

A think room needs to have order. If people are coming and going, that ruins the idea of a quiet space to think. Post a sign-up sheet on the wall and create alerts on your office’s calendars when the think room is already in use.

Third, furnish the space

How you furnish your think room is entirely up to your office’s taste. Some people like motion chairs that keep them active and energize for brainstorming sessions. Others prefer lounge furniture to help them destress and put them in a zen state of mind. Take a poll to see what type of furniture will really help your employees utilize the space.


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