3 Easy Thanksgiving Activities for the Office
November 18, 2019
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3 Easy Thanksgiving Activities for the Office

‘Tis the season of giving! Show your employees how much they are valued with these three fun Thanksgiving ideas.

Start a Gratitude Wall

The concept of the gratitude wall is simple. You leave a whiteboard or cork board in a public space then ask employees to write something nice about one of their coworkers. You’ll be surprised how quickly this board will fill up. It’s a great way to appreciate each employee!

Consider a Potluck

Nothing brings people together quite like food. Schedule an office potluck for your employees. The company should provide the cutlery and plates while the employees should provide the food. If you want to do a eco-friendly version of this, host a “Bring Thanksgiving Leftovers” to work day!

Decorate the Office

Of course, when it comes to the holidays, nothing beats decorations. Decorations get everyone into the giving spirit. The easiest way to bring fall into the office is by cutting leaves and pumpkins out of copy paper!


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