The Benefits of Tea Drinking
February 2019
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The Benefits of Tea Drinking

When you’re tired, do you find yourself reaching for coffee? Drinking too much coffee can often result in a high intake of caffeine and, as everyone who has drank too much caffeine knows, too much caffeine results in disrupting sleep. If you’re looking for a new beverage to help you power through the day, tea can be a great alternative.

Tea Keeps You Alert

Yes, tea typically contains half the dose of the caffeine that a standard cup of coffee has. However, in a recent study on whether people found themselves more alert after drinking tea or coffee, most participants reported feeling the same amount of alertness.

Tea Soothes

In 2006, science decided that tea can be helpful when it comes to managing stress! Research by the University College London found that while tea cannot stop you from stressing out, it can help bring your stress hormone levels back to normal, thus acting as a soothing agent.

Tea Is Flavorful

Some tea brands, like our all-new Teavana, are on a mission to make tea more favorable. Teavana says that the trick to flavor-packed teas is in finding the best ingredients, which is why it travels around the globe. A great example of this is Teavana’s Harmonic Mint Herbal Tea, which sources its mint from the Pacific Northwest!


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