Small Office Space Solutions
January 28, 2019
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Small Office Space Solutions

As start-ups continue to flourish, office spaces are becoming smaller and smaller. And while we all love our coworkers, sometimes a person just needs a bit of real estate to call their own. In the event that you’re looking to create some personal space, the following office supplies can come in handy!

Quartet Desktop Glass Board

This board takes on two functions in smaller offices. First and foremost, a glass board can be easily placed on a conjoined desk and serve as an impromptu privacy screen. Secondary, it becomes a built-in dry erase board for notes and organization.

Lotus Sit-Stand Desk

If you don’t have the width on your desk to create a makeshift office border, try rising up! With a sit-stand desk solution, you will able to change from sitting to standing in an instant. Elevating yourself can create a sense of space and keeps you out of the way of the ambiance sounds of a bustling office.

Blackout Screens

Sometimes creating space isn’t physical. It’s mental. A blackout screen enables viewing only when you are facing a computer head-on. View from any other angle, and the screen instantly becomes black. These screens keep prying eyes from snooping!


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