Holiday Security & Safety
November 25, 2019
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Holiday Security & Safety

Holidays are the best time for making memories! As we look forward to December, it’s important to look after the safety of your company and your employees. Here are three tips to get you started!

Salt Your Drives

With January on the horizon, salt your drives and sidewalks. Winter slips and falls are the leading cause of work injuries and the #1 prevention of them is maintenance.

Create an Access System

During the holidays, companies experience a higher foot traffic then normal. If your office allows visitors, update your system for receiving them. These new Time’s Up Badges from C-Line expire after 24 hours to make sure your facility remains secure.

Turn Off the Power

While decorations certainly create holiday cheer, they provide two protentional hazards. The first is overuse of power. The second is the possibility of fires. Make sure you create posters that remind employees to power down at the end of the workday.


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