Become a PowerPoint Superhero
July 29, 2019
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Become a PowerPoint Superhero

Let’s face it. No one is super excited to see a PowerPoint presentation. And while we can’t guarantee that every slide is riveting, here are a couple of tricks to make your presentation stand out from the rest.

Use a Universal Font

One of the first mistakes in PowerPoint or any design in general is not being consistent. Stick with a font that is universal. This way, if you are presenting on a MAC or PC, your format will not be altered. Think Arial or Times New Roman.

Use Visuals

A PowerPoint is not meant to be a Word document. You shouldn’t write down everything you are going to say. Instead, use more pictures to prompt your memory. If you are reading a PowerPoint verbatim, you’re doing it wrong.

Start & Finish with Main Points

Whether you’ve been out of school since the 70s or you’re a recent graduate, every classroom always teaches the same thing: Start with a thesis statement. There should be a beginning, middle and end, and you should always list what you are going to talk about, before you talk about it and conclude with the same points.

Embrace Your Office Supply Geek

Like everything in the office, it is made easier with the right supplies. Consider in investing in a laser pointer, presentation remote or dry erase board to illustrate your presentation points.


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