Body Posture: Start Sitting Right
July 22, 2019
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Body Posture: Start Sitting Right

It’s important to consider how you are working. We spend so much time at our desks that we need to be conscious the effects this has on our bodies. If taking breaks from your desk is not an option (we understand the need to be on call 24-7), here are three things you can do to promote a healthier you!

Invest in a Footrest

It may seem silly, but a footrest really can help. Footrests encourage a rocking motion in your legs. What this does is stimulate your legs, promoting overall blood flow. This decreases restless leg syndrome while at work.

Try an Anti-Glare Screen

When we think of problems that affect our body’s health, we often neglect consideration for our eyes. Computer glare can tire your eyes quickly. Try an anti-glare screen to keep your vision in top shape!

Consider an Ergonomic Chair

While on the pricier end of solutions, the right chair can solve lower and upper back pain problems. A good way to find the right chair is by designing one. With HON’s Chair Chooser, you can add lumbar support, mesh backing and many other features to make your workday as comfortable as possible.


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