Furniture Spotlight: Litchfield Cavo
January 21, 2019
nice guys : )
Litchfield Cavo

We spend at least 40 hours a week in the office. Every year, our furniture gets put through the wringer – from piles of paperwork to scuffs to that time that Bob put his coffee mug on your desk and left a ring. Not that we’re blaming anyone.

A new year often calls for updated furniture, and the best place to find inspiration is in previous successes. That’s why we’re excited to feature our most recent installation at Litchfield Cavo.

An Existing Furniture Scheme

In this furniture project, Litchfield Cavo was in a unique position. They had just moved into a new office. Instead of scrapping all of their old furniture, they picked the pieces that were still relatively new and kept them. This provided a built-in color pallet that gave our furniture specialists direction on what type of fabrics and modules to choose.

Litchfield Cavo

One Large Selection

Instead of picking a variety of desks and chairs for their new space, Litchfield Cavo outfitted the room with one large cubicle module. Working with our Nice Gal Furniture Specialists, Litchfield Cavo was able to have this piece mocked up ahead of time to make sure that it fit the space and promoted office flow. (See the picture above.)

Litchfield Cavo

Open & Lots of Storage

The result of these choices created an open office atmosphere, with each cubicle entrance doubling as a reception desk. And since the cubicles were connected, lots of storage was created for each desk!


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