New! Keurig Executive Suite House Blend
March 25, 2019
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New! Keurig Executive Suite House Blend

Have you been trying dozens of different coffee pods over the years, hoping to find the “one?” If you’re looking for an office coffee that will have clients and customers say, “This is good stuff! Where did you get it?’ then look no further than our new Keurig Executive Suite House Blend.

Flavor Profile

The Keurig Executive Suite House Blend is a medium-roast coffee. Each pod produces a single serving. Its taste features notes of roasted nut and chocolate. These flavor profiles are combined with 100% Arabica coffee.

Design for Efficiency

When compared to the cost of employees going out for coffee every day, the cost per cup with a Keurig pod is cheaper overall. In addition to saving you money, each Keurig pod is designed to be simple to use: Just place the pod, shut your Keurig’s lid and brew!

Keurig Guarantee

A great cup of coffee every time, that’s the Keurig guarantee. The secret lies within its Keurig pods, which are air-sealed, keeping your coffee at its freshest!


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