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Hon Express Program
March 18, 2019
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Hon Express Program

Have you ever needed office furniture asap? Then Hon Express Program was designed for you! On our website, you may have noticed a red truck with the words Ships In 3-5 Days appear next to some of our furniture. Let’s go through what this means, and the benefits the program can bring to your office.

Quick Turnaround Time

In normal furniture world, chairs and other office pieces can have a long turnaround time. Usually, how fast furniture ships depends on the quantity you are ordering and how much you are customizing. With the Hon Express Program, you can get your furniture in as little as 5 days. Many of the items in this program are designed and stocked ahead of time for speedy shipping.

Warranty to Fit Your Office

With the Hon Express Program, you can choose from a variety of warranties to make sure your office furniture lasts: A 3-Year Sadie Collection Warranty, 5-Year Hon Everyday Warranty and full Hon Lifetime Warranty. Every warranty has different durability, quality and comfort. What you choose is dependent on your office's size and needs.

Try Before You Buy

For chairs in the Hon Express Program, you can opt to test them before you buy them. Head over to our Try Before You Buy portal to have your selected chair shipped to your office. Test the chair 1-2 days for comfort then send it back!


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