Managing Overpowering Holiday Scents
November 11, 2019
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Managing Overpowering Holiday Scents

There’s holiday cheer in the air, but sometimes that’s not always a good thing – especially when it comes to scents. If you’re being accosted by too much of the cinnamon, pumpkin-spice and other favorites of the holiday season, here’s why you should invest in Clorox’s Odor Defense Sprays.

It doesn’t cover up

The #1 mistake offices make when choosing a product to ward off scents is choosing an air freshener instead of an odor eliminator. Air fresheners often make the matter worst, just covering one scent with another. Clorox’s Odor Defense Spray is made to remove scents.

It comes with ICE Technology

Clorox’s Odor Defense Sprays come with a specially-design formula named ICE. ICE stands for identifying, capturing and eliminating odors.

It can be used on multiple items

Many odor removers are only formulated for fabric or air, and you often find yourself purchasing multiple items to do the same thing. With Clorox’s Odor Defense, you can use the spray for both!


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