3 Tips to Make Sure You Are Home for the Holidays
December 2, 2019
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3 Tips to Make Sure You Are Home for the Holidays

For some of us, the holidays provide the biggest workload of the year. Increased demand for next-day delivery and on-site customer service makes workdays longer, and it becomes trickier to leave the office on time. Here are three tips to ensure you aren’t staying too late and are home for holiday festivities.

Tip 1: Write down your to-do list

The first reason why we aren’t leaving work? It usually boils down to mismanaged time. Make sure you are using appointment books and calendars. Time management only works if you block out what you need to do and the level of importance of your activity. It’s okay to leave a few things for tomorrow.

Tip 2: Teamwork makes the dream work

As we say in our Nice Guys Career Video, teamwork is important. Not only for employee happiness, but also for meeting deadlines. If you are struggling to finish something, consider delegating it. Everyone’s schedules are different; so, what might be the busiest time for you may be the slowest time for your coworker.

Tip 3: Avoid distractions

There are a lot of events during the holidays. Many offices will offer wellness breaks, luncheons and parties. Remind yourself to balance those items. Did you accomplished what you are supposed to do? Great! Take that break. If not, you can always enjoy your coworker's famous gingerbread while multitasking.


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