5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Office Dad
June 12, 2019
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Father’s Day approaches! If you haven’t planned anything for dear old dad, now is the time to start scrambling for gift ideas. Here are our top five gift ideas for the occasion.


Snack Pack

1). Snack Pack

Everyone loves trying new food, but no one likes spending the money. Treat dad to an assortment of snacks. A good rule of thumb to create the ultimate snack pack is to include something salty, savory and sweet.


Engraved Nameplate

2). Engraved Nameplate

Sometimes it’s not about how much you spend, but what you say! Consider giving dad an engraved nameplate. Think about his favorite phrases and transfer those into a display for his desk!



3). Footrests

We all need a little TLC, and dad is no exception. If your dad is always behind the computer, consider opting for a footrest. Many footrests double as a mini foot massager!


Charging Cables

4). Charging Cables

For the dad whose phone is always dead, sometimes it’s best to gift something practical. Get him an assortment of charging cables, one for his office, home and car!


Travel Case

5). Travel Case

Is your dad always going on trips? A nice office notebook case could be just the ticket. Most of these cases come with compartments for personal belongings as well as business items!


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