Paper Facts: Diving Into The Pulp
March 4, 2019
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Paper Facts: Diving into The Pulp

Something’s going on with copy paper. What exactly is going on? Actually, quite a lot. If your current supplier has been having problems delivering your copy paper, it’s because the paper market has been going haywire, and we’re here to explain how it affects you.

The Paper Market: What on Earth is Happening?!

Basically, it boils down to this: One of the biggest suppliers of paper is Georgia-Pacific (GP). Effective this month, GP has announced that it will stop making its paper at its Port Hudson, LA mill. This will remove 630,000 tons of paper1 from the North American market. That’s a whopping 7.5% of paper!

Will This Affect Your Company?

We take pride in our close, long-term partnerships with the other major paper producers. Our suppliers have assured us that we will have all the copy paper we need at competitive market pricing. With these alliances, we can ensure that our customers receive a steady supply of copy paper. In the month of March, anticipate your Nice Guys Sales Representative keeping you alert on copy paper market developments.


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