Controlling Office Snacking
July 1, 2019
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Most of us aren’t moving throughout the day, but what we are doing is snacking. If you’re looking for ways to get healthier, a great place to start is by controlling what you eat, but this is often easier said than done.

Try Sensible Snacking

In order to solve the snacking problem, most people will cut snacks out completely from their diet. Unfortunately, this causes more harm than good. Many who attempt this are ignoring their natural hunger pains. Instead of cutting snacks out, try sensible snacking. Try keeping items within your reach (think almonds or energy bars) that are healthier. This will deter you from getting unhealthier options from the vending machine.


Be a Label Reader

A good rule of thumb: If you can’t pronounce an ingredient on the back of your snack, you probably shouldn’t be eating it. A lot of today’s foods come with fillers like sweeteners or synthetic flavors that add a lot of calories to your daily intake without you even knowing it.


Need a Recommendation?

We’re introducing whole new line of KIND Bars to our snacking selection. The great thing about KIND is that each bar is made up of ingredients you can understand. Many have 5g sugar or less in them and 0g of trans fat. On top of this, KIND is a great source or fiber and protein, and it can keep you energized throughout your workday.


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