Creating Communication in the Workplace
May 20, 2019
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Creating Communication in the Workplace

Have you ever made a presentation at work and felt like no one really listened to it? You are not alone. Harvard Business Review’s testing shows—and it has been substantiated by reports of research at Florida State University and Michigan State University—that two months after listening to a talk, the average listener will remember only about 25% of what was said… which isn’t so great. So what can be done to improve listening and communication at work?

Gage How You Are Listening

Are you actually listening? Or are you just listening to respond? Most people take a defensive approach in conversation. They are planning what they are going to say next without really listening to what is being said in the moment. It’s okay not to always have an answer. Once we realize this, we can become active listeners.

Become a "Yes and " Person

This is an old improv tactic. Any time you have an idea or want to contribute to a conversation, try starting with "Yes and " instead of the favored conjunction "But." When you say "But " it often implies that you are disagreeing with what was originally said, making the contributor feel as though you are disregarding them. When you say "Yes and, " you are implying that the original idea was so great that you just had to add more.

Stop the Interrupting

Most people interrupt another, not because the idea being spoken about isn’t good but because they are worried that their own good idea will be forgotten. If this is the case with you, consider using post-its and writing utensils in your meetings. As soon as an idea happens, jot it down. This will help you share your own idea without interrupt another’s.

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