Keeping the Break Room Clean
May 13, 2019
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Keeping the Break Room Clean

You’ve had a long day, even though it’s only noon. You head towards the break room for a nice cup of coffee to destress, only to find that there’s food everywhere! The spoons have mysterious gone missing, and there’s a lingering odor that you can’t place but certainly don’t want to smell. Stop the tyranny in its tracks! It's time to reclaim your break room cleanliness with these helpful tips!

Make the Issue an Issue

Not everyone has the same level of cleanliness. In order to keep a break room clean, everyone has to make an effort. Talk to your janitorial crew about posting break room cleaning rules. i.e. Wipe down your table after using it and send out weekly emails about refrigerator cleaning.

Make Cleaning Supplies Accessible

Strangely enough, the number one reason why people don’t clean is because there’s no cleaning supplies! It makes sense. You’re at work; so you don’t want to spend your time hunting around for the Lysol. Designate a portion of your break room counters to cleaning supplies. If it’s not out of sight, your employees will be more likely to use the products.

Declutter Your Space

Sometimes people avoid cleaning when there’s simply too much to clean. An uncleanly space can be very overwhelming, and no one wants to add another project onto their to-do list. Consider hiring a cleaning crew so you can start with a blank slate. It’s easy to enforce an area to stay clean if it’s clean to begin with.


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