5 New Office Supplies for the Classroom
August 12, 2019
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While school’s out for summer, it’s not out forever. Treat your students to a new space to collaborate in and get those creative juices flowing!


Magnetic Glass Boards

1). Visionary Hierarchy Magnetic Glass Boards

These boards are borderless and seamless. They are available in modern colors that are fun to mix and match. Choose from red, orange, yellow, green, blue, navy or purple.


Dot Seating

2). Dot Soft Seating

Let your students release their inner yogi. Dot Soft Seating is available with rocking or flat bases, which teaches core engagement and allows for fidgeting to self-sooth.


Upholstered Seating

3). Upholstered Seating

During snack time, you need more than just pretty seating! This Upholstered Seating can be equipped with a moisture barrier for unexpected spills.


Enroll Table Chairs

4). Enroll & Hierarchy Table Chair

Decrease your classroom clutter! Enroll Table Chairs feature an optional cup holder and base storage to keep bookbags and classroom supplies off the floor.


Charging Station

5). Mobile Laptop Charing Station

If your students are one of the many using tablets instead of books, considering opting for a charging station that can double as a podium in the classroom.


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