Cleaning Maintenance for Larger Buildings
April 24, 2019
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Cleaning Maintenance for Larger Buildings

Growth is always happy news at a company, but maintenance of an area becomes more complicated the larger you grow. Finding the right equipment to maintain your area is essential, and we are proud to announce that Garvey’s Office Products now carries a full line of Clarke machines that can help lighten your load.

The Difference Between Consumer & Commercials Vacuums

As a rule of thumb, commercial vacuums cleaners are sturdier than the typical vacuum. They last longer because they are made to withstand extensive use. Commercial machines are also made to be used in large spaces; so their cords are usually longer. Best of all, they are powerful. The idea is that you don’t have to make multiple passes to keep a space clean.

The Benefits of an Auto Scrubber

Cleaning a large space with a mop and bucket can quickly become laborious. Between wringing out your mop and exchanging your water, you can waste hours trying to get a space efficiently cleaned. A floor scrubber bypasses all of this, and it is made to use less water. Your floor will dry quicker, and accidents are less likely to occur.

Carpet Extractors/Cleaners for Offices

If your building consists primarily of carpet, an extractor is definitely an investment you’ll want to look into. Extractors soak your carpet with cleaning solutions to remove dirt or stains, and this kind of carpet cleaning does more than keep a neat appearance. It prevents the growth of bacteria, dirt and germs in your carpet. A thorough carpet cleaning can go a long way in improving air quality in your office.

Use Burnishers for an Extra Polished Look

Have you ever walked into a building where the floor has that wet-shine look? Most likely the company is using a burnisher. That extra polish is due to the burnisher's speed, which can run anywhere from 1,500 to 2,500 revolutions per minute. It’s an excellence option for those looking to impress!


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