Create the Ultimate Breakroom
June 17, 2019
nice guys : )

Looking to update your company’s breakroom? The best way to create a guaranteed awesome space is by looking at other successful projects. Here are some of our favorite breakroom installations by the Nice Guys to get you inspired!

Make Your Breakroom Fun

Make It Fun

Cumulus Media added large TVs and speakers to their breakroom. Sometimes it’s not just about creating a comfortable space, but a place to destress and relax!

Make Your Breakroom Colorful

Use Color

When Garvey’s partnered with Tricoci University, they really wanted a professional breakroom space. However, they lightened up the entire feel of the room by simply adding a pop of red in their chairs.

Make Your Breakroom Collaborative

Think Collaborative

Interactive Health had the perspective of collaboration in their breakroom. The space was left open to the entire office, with a strong focus on group seating.


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