Selecting the Right Receptacle Bag
April 29, 2019
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Selecting the Right Receptacle Bag for Your Offic

You know it as soon as it happens. Your coworker is busy – not a little busy, a lot. They forgo lunch and eat at their desk, but that’s not the problem. The problem is the stench that comes from their forgot-about-fish that somehow ends up stinking up the ENTIRE office. You can’t blame the coworker. You can’t blame the fish. You can, however, blame the trash because you can pick the right bag to stop it.

Odor-Blocking Trash Bags

Yes! These are a thing! Odor-blocking trash bags are made to stop scents. It works because the bag is lined with a layer of carbon to absorb odors. A lot of people make the mistake of reaching for scented bags, which are just lined with scented particles to mask but not eliminate odors.

Lidded Cans

It doesn’t take a genius to know that cans with lids will stop odors more efficiently than those without... but that doesn’t mean you should always opt for a close can. A good rule of thumb is to use open cans in open spaces, where air and circulation can neutralize scents naturally. Use closed cans in small spaces, like break rooms or bathrooms, where circulation is less probable.

Bin Maintenance

Just because it is a garbage bin does not mean it is excluded from your company’s cleaning practices. About every week or so, clean your can with a disinfectant. Not only will this prevent mold growth, but it will keep your office smelling clean!


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