Getting On Track After Vacation
May 24, 2019
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Getting on Track After Vaca

On average, May through July is the most popular months to take time off. If you’re planning on taking a vacation soon, here are some tips to help you be work-ready when your vacation ends.

Tie Up Projects

Rule #1 of having a smooth vacation? Tie up as many projects as possible before your vacation time hits. This way, if your job accumulates a to-do list when you’re not there, you won’t be buried when you come back.

Train a Temporary You

Never, under any circumstance, should you be the only one that knows how to do your job. We all know that no one can do your job as well as you, but if you make it so no one else can do your job at all, you’re not only hurting yourself but the productivity of your company.

Bring Memories Back

One of the most common complaints of post-vacationers is that they miss the vacation. Avoid getting the blues by printing out a picture of something you did while you were gone. Not only will it make you smile throughout the day, but also give you some motivation to work harder.

An Hour to Email

The worst culprit of post-vacation stress is email — especially those emails with little red exclamation points next to them. Give yourself at least an hour to purge. It will get you up to speed on what happened while you were gone.


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