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3 Products to Beat the Winter Chill
JANUARY 15, 2018
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3 Products to Beat the Winter Chill

When you can see your breath and you aren’t outside, that’s how you know you work in an office where the pro-cold outnumber the pro-heat. If you aren’t an abominable snowman yourself, you might find yourself losing productivity. Instead of resorting to tampering with the office thermostat, here are three products that can help you beat the winter chill right at your desk.

Personal Heaters

Bring the heat right to your cubby with your own personal heater. When choosing a personal heater, look at the wattage rating. Usually, 10 watts equals a square foot. Find out how much your office or cubby covers, and you’ll have the perfect heat. On average, a 1,500 watt heater will cover most average size rooms and be more than enough for a cubby space.

Instant Hot Cocoa

When it’s cold outside, most of us naturally reach for warm beverages. While cocoa will help warm you up, it also has other health benefits. Most notably, hot cocoa has an uplifting effect because it has serotonin, which triggers feelings of happiness. A happy workday means a productive one!

Hand Warmers

Frigid fingertips are never good for typing, and many of us with poor circulation will find that our hands get cold before anything else. Hand warmers generally last between five and eight hours. So, crack one open and hold periodically throughout the day to stay warm.


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