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Whiteout: Liquid vs. Tapes vs. Pens
FEBRUARY 5, 2018
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Whiteout: Liquid vs. Tapes vs. Pens

When dealing with things digitally, it’s easy to correct mistakes. Just one backspace, and your problem is solved! The real challenge is when you print on-the-go and notice a mistake. There are several methods that can help – liquid, tapes and pens. It’s just a matter of figuring out which is best for you.

Liquid Whiteout

The tried and true of the whiteout family, liquid whiteout has several benefits. First off as a liquid, you get more bang for your buck. You’ll have the ability to cover more mistakes as you can brush and thin the correctional fluid as needed. Secondly, you aren’t restricted to any size. You can disperse the liquid to cover up small and large mistakes. The only problem with liquid brands is that you need to wait for the liquid to dry before writing on the surface.

Correction Tapes

Correction tapes are the solution to the drying issues of liquid whiteout. Not only does correction tape go on dry, but it also applies with precision. People with shaky hands often prefer correction tape. One of the downfalls is that most correction tapes are geared towards correcting 12-point fonts. Anything bigger and you will have to make several passes to cover your mistake.

Whiteout Pens

Whiteout pens were the response to people who loved liquid whiteout, but cringed at the messiness. It was also the response to people who didn’t like the bulky square feel of correction tapes. With a whiteout pen, you no longer have to cover everything, only the symbols or font you want. This is perfect for quick grammar errors, like an exclamation point that needs to be turned into a period. Just keep in mind that this option isn’t for bulk correcting and isn’t refillable.


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