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Wet Erase vs. Dry Erase Markers
FEBRUARY 26, 2018
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Wet Erase Versus Dry Erase Markers

Not all erasable markers are created equal. If you’ve just purchased a whiteboard for your office, you’re probably wondering what type of marker will work best with its surface. For the task at hand, there are two main types of markers to consider: Wet erase and dry erase.

Wet Erase Markers

Wet erase markers are made for non-porous surfaces like black boards, glass surfaces and transparencies. The chemical components that make up wet erase markers are drastically different then their dry erase counterparts. They write with a paste instead of an alcohol-based ink, which makes them semi-permanent. i.e. A normal eraser will not remove it, but a damp cloth combined with some scrubbing will. You will often find wet erase markers used on outdoor signs. This is because of its semi-permanent feature, which makes the writing last longer.

Dry Erase Markers

Dry erase markers are the more popular erasable marker. Similar to wet erase markers, dry erase markers are made for non-porous surfaces. Unlike wet erase markers, they are alcohol-based, which makes the ink easy to wipe clean with an eraser. You will often find this marker in meeting rooms as they are great for brainstorming sessions that require erasing and updating!

Whiteboard Cleanup Solutions

Whether you choose to go with wet erase or dry erase markers, keep in mind that both options can cause “ghosting” on your boards. Ghosting is when your marker saturates your whiteboard and leaves stains. If you are looking to clean your whiteboard and make it look new again, try one of our board cleaners. These versatile cleaners are made to remove residue from even the toughest stains!


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