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Choosing a Writing Utensil for Business
OCTOBER 29, 2018
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Choosing a Writing Utensil for Business


Being on point is vital in today’s business world. If you are looking for a pen that will be the right fit for business meetings, presentations and fit in corporate settings, we’d recommend Precise or G2 by Pilot Pen.

Reason #1: They’re Ultra-Smooth

When you’re marking up a professional document, the last thing you want to encounter are skips. Both Precise and G2 offer an ultra-smooth writing experience, making you in complete control of everything you write!

Reason #2: They Have Variety

G2 is available in 16 colors while Precise come in seven. Precise is also available in both retractable and capped versions.

Reason #3: They’re Innovated

Precise and G2 pens are designed to be efficient. Their tubes are clear, and their ink is visible. This is so you know how much ink supply you have left in your pen!


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