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Calendars Continue to be an Office Necessity
OCTOBER 8, 2018
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Innovated Calendar Solutions for Millennials


While today’s work environment is very different than ten years ago, paper calendars and appointment books continue to be an office necessity! Electronic calendars will never fully replace the large format wall calendars shared by all or the calendar on display where your customers can see them. The only changes you will see from House of Doolittle is their commitment to offering the most eco-friendly, high-quality design and appropriate-sized calendars for your office.

100% Post-Consumer Recycled Materials

House of Doolittle manufactures all of calendars in Illinois with 100% post-consumer materials. This includes 100% recycled paper and even soy based inks.

Commitment to Design as Well as Quality

As offices demand color and uniqueness, House of Doolittle offers calendars in a variety of sizes and layouts to fit today’s demands — from the traditional black and white to seasonal cheer.

Downsizing to Smaller Sizes

While the traditional size calendars and planner were great in the days of the large wooden desk, House of Doolittle offers a variety of smaller sizes to fit the smaller office cubicles of today, even shrinking three months calendars down to fit today’s cubicles!


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