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Talking Trash – Top Waste Receptacle Liners
OCTOBER 4, 2018
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Talking Trash – Top Waste Receptible Liners


Every company, no matter what size must deal with trash. Depending on the type of business you’re in, you may need to consider a variety of liners to accommodate your waste. Below we’ve highlighted some the different types of liners and how they work to dispose of your trash.

Clear Can Liners

One of our most popular trash liners are clear liners. These see-through liners are used when you need to see the contents you are destroying are meant to be destroyed.

Black Can Liners

Used primarily among municipalities and industrial manufacturers, Black Can Liners are geared to withstand heavy-duty carrying and bulk items. Their dark coloring hides your messiest trash.

Blue Can Liners

Among can liners, blue normally signifies recycling. Our Blue Can Liners provide the perfect blue backdrop to sort paper, cardboard and other recyclables from each other.

Red Can Liners

Known as infectious waste liners, our Red Can Liners are usually used for biohazardous materials. These liners conform to a container’s shape. This distributes the weight of your waste evenly throughout the bag, which helps eliminate leakage problems.

Green Can Liners

Colonial Bag Green Can Liners are oxo-degradable. This means that your bags break down over time, reducing the film strength until eventually the bag provides a nutrient source for microbes. These microbes eat the bag until what was once plastic turns to water, carbon dioxide and reusable biomass.


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