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Office Tools that You Shouldn’t Live Without
OCTOBER 18, 2018
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Office Tools that You Shouldn’t Live Without


What’s wrong with making life simpler? The great thing about living in the modern age is that we are constantly inventing ways to make the office day more efficient. If you haven’t invested in the tools below, you’re doing yourself and the productivity of your company a disservice.

Tabs that are Repositionable

Have you ever tabbed a presentation and then needed to change it? Or how about put a label on upside down? Next thing you know, you’re damaging your paper or envelope and need to reprint. With Avery’s Repositionable Tabs’ re-adhesive technology, you can easily remove the tabs to reposition or throw away without damaging your product.

Permanent Markers that REALLY Last

Doing a project that takes a long time? There’s nothing worst then having to recap a marker for fear of it drying out. With Avery’s Marks-A-Lot, you can leave your cap off for 24 hours without worry! The colors stay as dark and bold as if you had just uncapped the marker for the first time use!!

Mailings Without the Hassle

If you’re anything like us, you like to personalize. With Avery Easy Peel Labels, you can personalize without hassle. Print to the edge, right from your printer then just bend the label sheet back to expose the pop-up edge, peel and stick.


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