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3 Items for Office Productivity
OCTOBER 24, 2018
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3 Items for Office Productivity


We’re all looking for ways to combat our growing to-do lists. Being productive in the office often boils down to finding enough time in a day and having the right tools to accomplish your tasks. While we can’t transport you back in time (Although how cool would that be!), we can offer three products to make your workday just a bit easier.

Kensington SmartFit Conform Keyboard Wrist Rest

Heard of the term ergonomics? The theory behind this word is that we should make products to fit our body, not make our body fit the product. Kensington’s SmartFit Wrist Rest enhances the nature positing of your hand, wrist and arm. It provides support while keeping your arm at a neutral angle for long bouts of typing or clicking.

Quartet Glass Dry Erase Computer Pad

If you are note-taking but also environmentally-friendly, Quartet’s Glass Dry Erase Computer Pad is for you. This notepad board (pictured above) is slanted upward to make space for reminders or to-do lists. It comes with a durable glass surface that will not stain or ghost.

Rapid Supreme Omnipress Stapler

Stapling can be rough on your hands and wrists. This is why Rapid’s Supreme Omnipress Stapler is engineered so you can press anywhere on the stapler to staple. It also requires less force to staple, making it ideal for bulk stapling.


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