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Turn Any Office into an Idea Center
OCTOBER 26, 2018
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Turn Any Office into an Idea Center


Brainstorming is an essential part of any business, but in order to generate ideas, it’s important to have the tools of the trade. If you’re looking to inspire, try checking out these three unique products that are geared to make good ideas stick!

Super Sticky Dry Erase Surfaces

Post-it is a brand that believes that inspiration can come from anywhere. That’s why they created Super Sticky Dry Erase Surfaces. These sheets can transform any surface into a dry erase board. Just unroll, stick and transform painted drywall, glass and even steel into whiteboard.

Extreme Notes

Not everyone works in an office. That’s why Post-it created Extreme Notes. These notes are water-resistant and able to survive in extreme hot or cold temperatures while retaining their message.

Super Sticky Big Notes

Sometimes it’s hard getting through. With Post-it Super Sicky Big Notes (pictured above), you are granted a large space to capture your thoughts. These notes come in a variety of colors, creating a bright canvas perfect for team meetings or presentations.


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