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Product Spotlight: Think Jerky
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Product Spotlight: Think Jerky

Snacking in the office has always been a concern for health. With most office workers sitting down for the majority of the day, it has become imperative for employers to provide a variety of snacks to keep their offices healthy. At Garvey’s Office Products, we do our best to bring our customers the best selection in break room snacking, and we are proud to introduce to you our newest addition, Think Jerky.

Wait—Is Jerky a Healthy Office Snack?

It is now. You see, Think Jerky’s founder Ricky Hirsch was on a mission. He discovered that the majority of jerky products weren’t healthy – loaded with sugar and salt. So Hirsch set out to create a jerky that kept the flavor we all love, but was healthy enough for everyday snacking. By working with some of the world’s best chefs, he minimized the problems with jerky, and Think Jerky was born.

What Makes Think Jerky Special?

What doesn’t make Think Jerky special? After creating his formula for a healthier jerky, Hirsch went to find distributers for his project, and Garvey's Office Products chose to be one. Today, Think Jerky is the first line of chef-crafted artisan beef jerky. It is all-natural, gluten-free and is created without hormones or antibiotics. It is also local to Chicago!

Natural, Healthy Snacking is a Healthy Mind

As of right now, we carry three varieties of Think Jerky: Classic Beef, Sweet Chipotle and Sriracha Honey. Since Think Jerky is so forward-thinking, every purchase of a Think Jerky product gives a 10% donation to the David Lynch Foundation. The David Lynch Foundation teaches veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder how to meditate to heal themselves naturally!


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