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Shredder Security Levels
AUGUST 13, 2018
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Shredder Security Levels

If you shred something, it’s secure right? Unfortunately not. In the same way that shredders can come with many functions, they also fluctuate on the types of shreds made. So what exactly are you looking for when it comes to the cut of your shred? That depends on the level of security you are looking for.

Low Security Level: Strip-Cut

Strip-cut shredders slice paper into horizontal lines. You’ll often find this type of shredder in schools or home offices. Due to the shredder only slicing in one direction, it has a high shredding capacity, being able to shred up to 30 pages at a time. Its inner mechanics are also simpler; so usually the machine requires less maintenance. We’d recommend these shredders for junk mail and general paperwork.

Medium Security Level: Cross-Cut

Cross-cut shredders divide paper into small squares rather than strips. As the name suggests, these shredders cut twice, creating a higher security level. Due the complexity of the cut, these machines often require more check-ups then strip-cut shredders, and they shred fewer pieces of paper at a time. We’d recommend these shredders for confidential documents.

High Security Level: Micro-Cuts

Micro-cut shredders are a smaller version of cross-cut shredder. The difference between the two is that micro-cut shredders cut squares the size of confetti. Due to its extremely small cut, the need to take out shred bags is fewer. We’d recommend these shredders for highly confidential documents that have to meet federal destruction guidelines.


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