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Why You Should Purify Your Office Air
AUGUST 6, 2018
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Why You Should Purify Your Office Air

The air we breathe can affect everything from our mood to our productivity to even how sleepy we are! What many offices don’t know is that the quality of their air is often being contaminated.

Sources of Bad Air Particles

Polluted air can be emitted from multiple sources. You could work in an old building that contains dust or mold. In contrast, you could work in a newly renovated space that has chemicals from its construction. Keep in mind that the quality of your air is affected by everything that emits particles. This even includes your office’s copiers and printers!

Identifying Polluted Air

There are many ways to identify if your office has polluted air. You may think that your area is constantly hot and stuffy. Your coworkers might complain that there are unpleasant smells. On the more serious end, you may fall sick more often than normal and be prone to coughing, fever or pneumonia.

Working Towards Cleaner Air

Overall, the solution to contaminated air is to clean it. AeraMax Air Purifiers are a great way to do this, not only because they circulate air but also because they adjust fan speed based on how much carbon, allergens, viruses or small airborne particles are around. Its filters capture and remove harmful substances once and for all.


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