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Create a Clean Environment with Purell
SEPTEMBER 24, 2018
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Create a Clean Environment with Purell

September officially marks the end of summer and the introduction of Fall. For offices, this means weather changing and the start of the thermostat wars. To make sure that germs aren’t overtaking your office during this time, it’s a good idea to install hand sanitizers and soap dispensers throughout your workspaces.

Cost-Effective Dispensers

The most cost-effective dispensers will be the ones without any bells or whistles. Purell’s ES4 Soap Dispenser provides just the essentials. It’s a push-style dispenser that mounts to your wall. It comes with a see-though design, which alerts you when the soap needs to be replaced.

Germ-Free Dispensers

If you want to splurge an extra buck or two, we’d recommend an upgrade to Purell’s ES6 Soap Dispensers. These dispensers are touch-free. The soap dispenser is motion activated, meaning you won’t have to touch anything to get your soaps and sanitizers.

Health Soap Refills

While there are many options for refills for Purell Dispensers, our favorite and most recommended is Healthy Soap. While regular soaps can leave your skin dry and damaged, Healthy Soap does the opposite. Its formula comes with natural moisturizers that nourish as well as clean!


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