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Seamlessly Produce a Promotional Product
SEPTEMBER 10, 2018
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Seamlessly Produce a Promotional Product

It’s generally an accepted idea that putting your brand on something tangible, something that a person can take home and remember you by, helps your company’s bottom line. A lot people find the promotional process daunting, but here are four things you can do to ensure that your product arrives flawless and on time.

Pick a Product

The problem with promotional items is that the sky is the limit. Here at Garvey’s Office Products, we have branded standard items like pens, t-shirts and banners to out-of-the-box items like manicure sets or bluetooth speakers. When you start a promotional product, the rule of thumb is to have an idea of you want. This speeds up the process by allowing your Nice Guys Representative to dive right into providing samples and determining mundane details like fabrics, colors and functionality.

Image Format

If you want your branded logo or message to appear as crisp and perfect as possible, provide your content in vector format. Vector is basically a fancy way of saying that your content is made out of lines. So when you size it larger or smaller, it remains the same in thickness and doesn’t blur. Vector files are typically .pdfs, .eps or .ai. If you only have a .jpeg or .png, it’s important to provide this information at the start. This way, your Nice Guy Representative can convert your file.

Set a Realistic Timeline

Sure. Items can be delivered next-day, but you will sacrifice options. A 1-color imprint is faster than a 2-color one. Flimsy material is easier to produce then hardy. When you determine that you want a promotional product made, try to aim for a 4-6 week timeline.

Proof Your Proof

Once you get everything sorted out, you will receive a final printer’s proof of your items. It’s best to treat this proof as though you are seeing it for the first time. Keep in mind that your promotional product has made quite the journey – from your Nice Guy Representative to the Nice Guys Design Team to an actual printer. Print out your proof and pass it around the office. Sometimes a new set of eyes can spot something that may need a correction.


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