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Communicating in Tough Conditions
MARCH 22, 2018
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Communicating in Tough Conditions

Even without any obstacles, communication in the office can be tough. For workplaces exposed to mother nature, it can be almost impossible. This is why Post-It has created a new line of notes for extreme settings. To see just how extreme these notes are, we decided to put them to the test.

Affixes Hot or Cold Temperatures

The claim on Post-It’s Extreme Notes is that they work in temperatures ranging from 0-120°F. We put this to test by sticking a note onto our heat gun in the warehouse. Not surprisingly, it passed inspection. The note stayed affixed even when the heat gun was turned on high! When we turned things cold and attached the notes to items in our freezer, they also remained clinging. Proof that these notes do work well in extreme temperatures and would likely be great for the unpredictable outdoors.

Clings in Wet Conditions

Besides working in hot or cold temperature, Extreme Notes also boast of being able to survive wet conditions, such as rain. To evaluate this, we actually stuck these notes onto our bathroom mirror then poured water over them. Again, the notes did remain clinging. As per the label on these notes, we adhered when the surface was dry to maximize the products’ stick.

Works on Wood & Metal

This was the easiest feature for us to test, as our company has a fully functioning warehouse. We often use notes to mark product locations or items out for next-day delivery. As with our previous cases, the Extreme Notes did live up to its marketing. They easily stuck on the wooden pallets that we use, and the metal shelves that we store inventory.

Not Paper-Friendly

The one thing to remember about these notes is they are not recommended for use on regular paper. Not to worry though! Regular Post-it Notes have you covered there. However, if you’re looking for something to survive in your warehouse, construction sites and busy kitchen spaces, Extreme is certainly the way to go!


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