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Mind Mapping for Meeting Success
MAY 25, 2018
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OMind Mapping for Meeting Success

We’ve all been in that meeting or class. The one where the presenter’s voice lulls you to sleep. If you're looking for ways to combat snoozing, we’d recommend a method of note taking called mind mapping.

The Concept of Mind Mapping & Why It Works

Mind mapping is like making a PowerPoint presentation of the meeting that you are at. This type of note taking is based around the idea that a picture is worth 1,000 words. Instead of writing out your meeting word-for-word, you are visually displaying concepts. As you draw your notes, your brain remains engaged. The result (pictured above) is a web of ideas that is geared towards reminding you what the presentation was about.

The Tools to Map

To help you mind map successfully, you’ll need two trusty office supplies: A blank sheet of paper (no lines) and various colors of pens. As you write in concepts, remember to get a little creative. In PaperMate's Blog on mind mapping, they recommend using various colors – highlighting important topics in red. Remember, the point in this method is to have fun! Use #PaperMateMindMap to show us what you come up with on social media.

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