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Understanding Paper Weights
APRIL 9, 2018
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While many of us strive for a paperless office, there are some items like proofs, letterheads and presentations that require hard copies. When printing these items out, it’s important to understand what paper weight will work best.

20 LB Copy Paper

This is the most common type of paper weight. You will find this paper used as an all-purpose solution. It’s great for everyday prints like scans. This copy paper is geared towards being disposable rather than lasting for long periods of time.

24 LB Copy Paper

This paper has a bit more weight to it. You’ll often find this paper stocked for laser jet and inkjet printers. This paper is typically used for items that are a bit more formal, such as presentation materials used during internal meetings.

28 LB Copy Paper

With the heaviest weight of the bunch, this paper is great for items that need to make an impression. Most often, it is used for letterheads or other important documents such as business cards. You will find that this paper is used by our promotional department for custom imprints.


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